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Free Grocery

Discover How You Can Get Your Groceries Absolutely Free.

Do you know that our sponsor give away hundreds of free grocery cards everyday?

That's right, since 2004, we have helped tens of thousands of struggling moms and dads through this exclusive groceries giveaway program.

This grocery card can be used in any of your favorite grocery stores or supermarkets such as Winn-Dixie, Kroger, ShopRite and many more.

If you are a US resident 18 years old and above, you are eligible to participate in our promotion.

  How do you start?

1. Select your state below and click on the enter zip code button on the next page.
2. Select the Grocery Card of Your Preference
3. Enter Zip Code to check availability of offer in your area
4. Enter your information. The free grocery card will be shipped to you at the address provided via FedEx.
5. Follow the instruction provided to complete participation
6. After participation, allow 2-3 weeks for the card to be delivered to you

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Free Grocery FAQ

This is one of the longest running grocery and gift card giveaway programs in existence, having served tens of thousands of people till date.

The reason why it is so successful is because it is managed by a team of fantastic people who are dedicated to help the community save more through their Prepaid grocery and gift card programs.

It is also one of the few programs out there that truly deliver on its promise. Unlike some scam programs out there (and there are a lot!), these folks are here to make sure your cards are delivered to you as promised.To help you understand how we do it, below is a breakdown of how each participating party in this offer actually gain just so that you can understand why our sponsors are willing to pay $250 to you.

How/ What Do We gain?

We are paid by the sponsors for the advertisement we place on various platform such as Television, Radio, Newspaper and Online

How Does The Sponsor Benefit?

In order to sustain the offer, there must be a reason why our sponsors are willing to fork out the budget to sustain the program.

1) By getting what they need most, your feedback. There is a total of 2 compulsory question which you have to answer in order to gain your free grocery card while the rest are optional.

2) At the end of the survey, you would be shown a list of sponsor products (around 30+) thus bringing them awareness. Scanning through the list ourselves, we realize that there are some great free offers such as free trials for some product. This essentially means more free stuff for you to gain!

To sum things up the cost is shared among the sponsors. In return they get both feedback and awareness for themselves and if you are a marketer, you will realize that the cost of such marketing is considered low and affordable. This is why we have managed to strike up a good relationship with both our sponsors and our users since we have managed to create a situation to help both parties get what they want.

How and what do you gain?

You gain by getting a free prepaid grocery card for participating in the programs by the sponsors. With this free prepaid grocery card, you can get free groceries and other free stuff available within the supermarkets.

How do i begin?

1) Click on the button below to reach our sponsor's page
2) Choose your preferred gift card.
3) Enter your zip code to check availability of offer in your region.
4) Enter information (Free grocery card will be sent here)
5) Follow the instruction provided to claim your free grocery card
6) After participation, allow 2 - 3 weeks for the free grocery card to reach you via FedEx.

What is the Estimated Value of the grocery card i will receive?

The value of the card is would be around the range of $50 - $250.

What could i use the card for?

You can use the card to pay for your groceries and any other stuff that is available in the participating outlet. Basically you are getting free grocery and other free stuff which you would typically find in the supermarket. To get your free grocery card, click the link and enter your zipcode to check availability.



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